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Original ideas of personalized baby gifts and baskets

To help you choose the ideal gift for this kind of occasions, we present this list of personalized baby gifts , which besides being extremely original, will delight the parents of the child who is about to be born, because they are extremely useful.
Personalized baby gifts for really original babies
1. Embroidered labels
The embroidered labels are an ideal detail to sew an emotional message on babies' clothes or identify their clothing. These are usually manufactured by hand, have reversible messages and their approximate cost is one euro.
Keep in mind that another excellent choice of personalized gifts for babies is the clothes embroidered with the baby's name or with a meaningful message for him and his parents.
2. Personalized towels and bibs
Another original option, extremely useful for dads and their baby is a towel or bib with the boy's or girl's name. We recommend that both products be manufactured in cotton for the baby's comfort.
We also advise you to select a hooded towel, as it will easily cover the child's head in the course from the bathroom to the changing table, avoiding colds.
3. Pictures with the baby's name
We assure you that a painting with the name of the baby that fits the decorative theme of your room will enchant your parents and give the space an original detail that will leave admired visitors.
 We suggest that the approximate size of the painting is 24cm x 30cm, because a very large piece attracts a lot of dust, which can cause allergies.
4. Custom pillows
A cushion or pillow with the name of the child, its meaning and birth data is a gift that will also serve as a reminder to the parents and the child of a day as important as its birth.
For the safety of the baby, we advise you that the size of the pillow is not too big.
5. Personalized Case for diapers
Currently there are many moms who buy diapers or wipes by boxes. Therefore, a case with space for approximately five diapers, and another with enough wet wipes, both with the baby's name, will be extremely useful for the child's mother.
6. Customized baskets

If for example is your nephew, or the son of a co-worker who was born or is about to be born, you can join with several friends of the parents and among all buy several of the gifts for babies presented in this article. Then a personalized baby gift basket is best option.